Industry standard Green Soap in 1 pint (16 oz). Multiple purpose cleaning agent, all self respecting shops will have a bunch around. Dilute this stuff so it is more easily rinsed off or to make it leave less residue after application. Only use sterile distilled water to dilute green soap. Diluting does not affect its ability to clean, unless it is diluted to an extreme level. Please note that our smaller bottle of Green Soap in 4 oz size is repackaged from large bottles of original Green Soap to smaller bottles. Product code: GSP


Mixing Green Soap

Green Soap can be mixed and diluted to different concentrations for different applications. A mixture of ten percent green soap and ninety percent distilled water will be effective for skin preparation. A mixture of one cup of green soap to 1 quart of distilled water will make a very effective all purpose cleaner that can be used in spray bottle to clean work areas or as a soaking agent for needles, tubes and tips. Although this stuff is capable of killing off a lot of germs and bacteria, it is not a substitute for properly sterilized equipment that should be sterilized in an autoclave. If an autoclave is not available for needles, tubes and grips, just go disposable.

Green Soap for Stencil Transfer

You can use Green Soap for stencil transfer. After shaving the area to be worked with, wipe the skin with a clean paper towel that is soaked in green soap to remove loose hair. Moisten the area with green soap sprayed from a spray bottle. Apply and spray the purple stencil (one for transfer) with green soap and wipe over it with a paper towel before removing the transfer.