Ghost Paper tattoo thermal transfer papers is one of the scariest professional quality premium papers in the tattooing industry!  Ghost Transfer Papers are high quality transfer papers designed for outputting amazing detail for stencil printers. These papers are made to be thin to allow the maximum amount of thermal heat to transfer to your design.  Made with high exceptional carbon dye that impresses incredible transfers that retain the detail of the original. Consisting of 4 layers: a white master sheet to which the design is to be applied, a translucent protective sheet to protect the master sheet from the carbon dye, a navy blue/purple dye carbon page and finally a yellow backing sheet. Great for transferring all kinds of fantastic designs like.. a goat driving a car! A cat smoking a cigar! A mouse boxing a hamster! The possibilities are endless!

✨ Unveil the Elegance of Ghost Transfer Papers: Our Ghost Transfer Papers are a testament to excellence, carefully engineered to deliver unmatched detail for stencil printers. The thin and delicate nature of these papers ensures the maximum transfer of thermal heat, allowing your designs to leap off the paper. It’s not just paper; it’s a canvas for your imagination.

🔮 Carbon Dye Magic: Ghost Paper stands out from the crowd with its high exceptional carbon dye. This isn’t just ink; it’s pure magic in the form of carbon. This remarkable dye produces transfers that preserve the intricate details of your original design, ensuring every line and nuance remains intact. When you choose Ghost Paper, you choose precision and perfection.

🎨 Unveiling the Layers: Ghost Stencil 8.5″ x 11″ Transfer Paper is more than just a sheet; it’s a four-layer masterpiece. Layer 1 is the pristine white master sheet, eagerly waiting for your creative touch. Layer 2 is the semi-transparent protective tissue, guarding the master sheet from the enchanting powers of the carbon dye. Layer 3, the navy blue/purple carbon page, holds the secrets to capturing your design’s essence. Finally, Layer 4, the yellow backing sheet, is your ticket to creating tattoo art that leaves an indelible mark.

🤯 Beyond Imagination: Ghost Paper isn’t just for the ordinary. It’s your gateway to the extraordinary. Imagine transferring mind-bending designs like a goat behind the wheel of a car, a cat puffing on a cigar, or even a mouse engaged in a boxing match with a hamster. With Ghost Paper, the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination.

✍️ Versatility at Its Best: Ghost Paper isn’t just about precision; it’s about freedom. While it excels in transferring intricate designs with ease, it also embraces the world of freehand artistry. It’s a versatile companion, adapting to your creative needs, whether you’re working with a stencil or crafting a design freehand.

👩‍🎨 Used by the Pros: Ghost Paper has been around for 3 decades, and it has become the top choice for professionals in the tattoo industry. These papers are thermal printing ready, seamlessly compatible with most thermal printers on the market. Elevate your artistry to the professional level with Ghost Paper, where quality meets performance.