Electrum Tattoo Stencil Primer is an amazing product developed by a group of veteran tattoo artists that wanted a better solution for applying stencils.  After trying many different products on the market that were prone to rubbing off during the tattoo process, the makers of Electrum dreamed up, well, ELECTRUM!  This product is the only all inclusive stencil application product on the market that will work with both carbon stencils and sharpies.

* Electrum is a proven performer and is used by many well known industry pros.
* Electrum is an all inclusive primer.
* It works great with both carbon stencils & sharpies.
* Skin friendly.
* This product may be green, but it is NON toxic and Vegan approved.
* Once applied, it stays on for the long haul.
* A little bit of Electrum goes a long way. A dime size of product is enough to cover an entire forearm sized tattoo. Hundreds of tattoos from one 8oz bottle.
* 100% Made in the USA.
* Electrum was created by tattoo artists, for tattoo artists.
* Pleasant to be around.
* Electrum is non-greasy and it smells good, too!
* Deodorant FREE.
* We all know the harmful properties deodorant based products house.  With Electrum you can rest easy, we’re proud to be deodorant free!

Product Code: ELECT