Electrum Tattoo Stencil Remover & Skin Prep comes from the famous Electrum brand with its extensive list of famous artist patrons. This solution is perfectly formulated for you and your client. Easily remove improperly placed stencils without the use of excessively harsh chemicals. Use as a skin prep to remove surface oils and dirt prior to placing your stencil. It smells good too! Don’t eat it! Available in 8oz bottle.

Contains Australian Tea Tree Oil, a powerful antiseptic which kills many bacteria, viruses, and fungi on contact without drying out the skin.

* Electrum is a proven performer and is used by many well known industry pros.
* It works great with both carbon stencils & sharpies.
* Skin friendly.
* This product may be green, but it is NON toxic and Vegan approved.
* 100% Made in the USA.
* Electrum was created by tattoo artists, for tattoo artists.
* Pleasant to be around.
* Electrum is non-greasy and it smells good, too!

Product Code: ELECTREM