Dynamic Black Tattoo Ink is an amazingly bold healing ink. This particular blend of pigment heals and stays a dark black. Use this for incredible tribals or other work that needs pitch black darkness. Available in 8 oz size bottle. Product code is DYNB

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About This Dark Black Tattoo Ink

Dynamic is a brand that is popularly recognized as being a incredibly dark black tattoo ink. This stuff is rich and dark like slick oil and heals that way. Don’t settle for regular brands that heal blue or some weird shade of purple, this stuff goes on dark and stays that way. This product is ideal for filling in outlines. This stuff is ideal for shading, depending on the other colors of the piece, add a drop of opposing colors to offset it from the rest of the other dark shades.

Black Inks for Tattoo

Dynamic is a good black ink for tattoo. There are many well known artists that swear by this brand. This product practically sells itself for us. If you are tired of stuff that looks like its dark but heals some weird off color, try Dynamic!

Best Black Tattoo Ink

Check out all the online forums, you’ll find many artists just like yourself buzzing about just how well Dynamic is the best black tattoo ink that heals like the shade it goes in. This stuff can be diluted to make different shades of gray wash.