D Frame Liner #13 custom tattoo machine, hand-crafted by Jon Moniz of Iron Inx Machines and one of a kind. You will not find another exactly like it.. This piece is setup personally by Jon as a Liner, perfect for working in fast and smooth lines.  Ideal with 3, 5, 7 and 9 liners at 6-9.5v 130 Hz.

Handmade start to finish, each frame is individually welded to meet the desired tattooing style. Coils are hand wound on select core stock to deliver the best magnetic performance. Though they may look similar each Iron Inx Machine is unique, handmade one at a time by Jonny Inx.

Jon started building coil machines during his apprenticeship. Brought up in an old school environment, he has been a part of the industry as an artist and machine builder for more than 25 years. Throughout his career, he has built and rebuilt machines and it was a natural progression to machine building.

When he started Iron Inx Machines the goal was to develop a quality machine that was easy to adjust and make your own. Iron INX tattoo machines are made using hand selected metals. Only after a sight and sound test to ensure the integrity of the stock does the frame get cut and assembled. After assembling each frame undergoes a rigorous ritual of hand sanding filing and grinding to perfect the curves and lines of each machine. Though, most of the frames are blackened sometimes a single frame can scream out for a colour. And thus only the best powder coating can be applied. Rare is the frames that speak but when they do they know what works.

All Iron INX machines are stocked with hand turned brass binders and high quality coil cores. Each set of coils if hand wound using a winder that has a history of its own dating back longer than most of us have lived. Only the best wire using hand tension is used to achieve the uniformity of each layer in the 8 wraps. If a coil is less than perfect all I can do is start over. Hand cut spring stock and handpicked capacitors balance out the equation.

Product Code: JMINXDFRLIN13