Cheyenne Grip Covers are made to protect your Cheyenne Grip and Pen Grip. Keep clients safe and help eliminate cross contamination with Cheyenne Grip Sleeves made by Cheyenne for Cheyenne Grips and Pen Grips. We feature both sizes: 1 Inch Grip and Standard Grip. They are made to for perfect fit

The Grip Sleeves come in pre packaged and sealed Cheyenne packaging. They sleeves are easy to use and are clear in color with Cheyenne logo stamped. Give your clients the comfort of knowing they are safe with the Cheyenne Hawk Grip Covers.


Quantity: 1 Package has 500 sleeves
Size: 1 Inch Grip or Standard Grip
Easy to use
Help eliminate cross contamination
Made by Cheyenne for Cheyenne
Clear with stamped logo
Manufacturer: Precision Medical

Product Code: CHEYE0680, CHEYE0681