Cheyenne Hawk Foot Pedal

A “Cool and Solid” foot pedal design by one of the greatest minds in the Tattoo industry. This foot pedal can be operated from all sides, and it is protected by Class IP X6 for a long lasting equipment. IP Code is there to classify the degree of protection provided against regular envioremental intrusions such as dust, accidental contact and water. The IPX6 is a protection against water, making this foot pedal water resistant in case of any accidental spills.

The foot pedal is made with special rubber elements while providing a balanced weight, weighing about 8.5oz. It is also made with strong springs to prevent accidental activation of the switch. Lastly attached to the foot pedal is a thin and flexible 6.5 feet cord.

This foot pedal will work like a dream with Cheyenne’s systems, however, it will also work with any power supply that has a phono plug connection or you can use this adapter to plug this foot pedal into a regular tattoo power supply with a 1/4″ power supply foot pedal jack.

Product Code: CHEYE1020