Blue Wave Medical Grade Saline Spray – 2oz

Blue Wave Saline Cleansing Solution is an all natural sterile solution. It helps to accelerate the healing process as well as cleanse new piercings, help remove dried discharge and secretions, and reducing lumps and scars. Blue Wave can be used with oral and dermal piercings and is perfect for on the go. Packed in a 2 oz. pump spray is convenient to carry in pocket or purse. Because it is non aerosol, the formula poses no environmental threat.
Blue Wave contains the highest quality pharmaceutical grade sodium chloride (99.9% pure). This is because sea salt contains a variety of untested minerals and metals which could have negative effects on an open wound. This is why Blue Wave Spray uses what medical professionals, hospitals and emergency rooms choose to use.

Quantity: 1 bottle
Size: 2 ounces
Superior sodium chloride (salt)
Deionized water
Good for on the go care
Manufacturer: Tattoo Goo