The Amazing Bishop Power Wand!

  • The Bishop Power Wand in Liner, Packer and Shader. Available just the Wand or in a Set. Wireless tattoo pen uses Critical batteries. The lightest set up on the market!

Lightest Setup Available

When used with the Shorty battery, the Power Wand is only 4.4” and 5.2oz – the lightest set up on the market currently!

⚡️ 24/7 power

Equipped with 2 battery packs

Standard: 1500 mAH. Long lasting power (up to 10 hours).

Shorty: 800 mAH. Short, but powerful. Lasting up to 5 hours. (Ideal for shorter sessions).

Tier 1 grade battery used to make this power pack.

(Note: Batteries are shipped partially charged. They’ll need to be charged on receipt.)


Innovative magnetic connection allows for 360-positioning of the battery to customize screen position & easily swap batteries.

Full Set Includes…

• x1 Critical Universal Battery Dock (x2 battery slots)

• x1 Power Wand (offering Liner 5.0, Packer 4.2, OR Shader 3.5 stroke options)

• x1 Power Wand Battery Pack (1500mAH)

• x1 Power Wand Shorty Battery Pack (800mAH)

• x1 Power Wand RCA Adapter

• x1 7ft RCA Cord – Grey

• x1 6ft Charging Cord for Dock

The Most Versitile Tattoo Machine

Pick from 3 Wands:

SHADER: The perfect machine for black and grey work, with a softer motor and a 3.5mm stroke. Use it to do multiple passes, very fine linework, and anything requiring a softer touch.

PACKER: The all arounder for just about anything, with a harder hitting motor and a 4.2mm stroke. Use it for line work, color packing, run it lower for softer work and higher for bold lines.

LINER: The specialist machine, with a harder hitting motor and a 5.0mm stroke. Use it for single passes on big, bold lines over 9RL.