We regularly post things we come across that we find of interest to the tattooing community and we were delighted to find this video on youtube by Mario Barth himself giving some valuable tattoo tips and tutorial. What I like about this video is that Mario explains what he is doing and how he is doing it so well, this fella would make one helluva teacher. The other thing I liked about the video is just how freaking great the tattoo turned out, look at the shading, depth and liveliness of the ink, its freaking amazing man. The guy took a stencil transfer and gave it life.

Tattoo Tips and Haters

A lot of fellas seem to have a problem with artists giving people tutorial tattoo tips online. Personally, I don’t see the point in hating on things like that. If people are going to try to learn, they are going to try, determination is a lot stronger than fear of failure for most people. I’m in the camp that its better that people out there get accurate information rather than guess and test on themselves or their friends. Some artists complain about the industry being ruined because the scratcher down the road is charging bargain basement prices for tattoos. Come on man, this is art, you are going to have this on your skin for life, most people aren’t going to go for the cheapest option available. If you are good at what you do, you need not worry about some scratcher stealing your business because they are undercutting you, people will just naturally find you because they trust your name. Just like Mario here, look at how amazing his tattoo turned out, no scratcher, not even a lot of tattoo artists can ink something that good, that’s why he doesn’t care if there are a million scratchers out there, he knows people will pay top dollar for his work.