Maintaining a Proper Contact Point

Your tattoo machine requires the maintenance of a proper contact point to allow the optimal flow of electricity. Therefore it is necessary to keep contact points in good condition. Over time contact points may dull, become pitted and appear slightly “burned”. If this is affecting the performance of your tattoo machine, it may be necessary to renew the point by filing it smooth.

To perform contact point maintenance you must remove the front spring/armature bar/back spring portion. Loosen the back spring mounting screw. Hold onto the end of the armature bar and slide the entire portion out. Using a light file or emery cloth, gently sand from the base of the front spring outwards. Maintain a steady and even motion as you do not want the front spring to become uneven. When sanding is completed, eyeball the front spring/armature bar/back spring portion and adjust accordingly to make sure the tip of the armature bar and the tip of the front spring aligns straight with the back spring.

With the contact spring/armature bar/ back spring portion removed, you can also sand the tip of the contact screw if it is in bad condition. Again, sand lightly and evenly.

Re-attach the front spring armature bar/back spring portion and be sure that it is secured properly. Ensure that the tip of the aligned armature bar and the hole of the tube vise is in alignment. The tip of the contact screw and the front spring should also be aligned and centered.

This procedure should only be done at most a few times. The front spring should not be sanded down too much as this will also affect its performance. It may be better to just replace the front spring instead of sanding it. The contact screw is fine to sand down as long as it has sufficient length to it.

By David H.