kuro sumi tattoo ink set

We now carry the full line of Kuro Sumi Ink for outline, grey wash shading and the specialty shading ink, bronze and cherry.  This brand has been consistently growing in popularity among professional tattoo artists over  the years and we are proud to add it to our extensive product line of tattoo ink available for sale on our website.

One of our favourites among this new addition is the bronze and cherry shading.  These come in variations of soft, medium and deep.  The bronze will produce a dark gold sepia tint to your piece.  The cherry will produce a reddish tint.  Other than the cool shading possibilities, Kuro Sumi ink is best known for producing the worlds best outlining ink.  The outline goes on true black, heals true black and will not fade into some off black color like blue or green like many other brands.  Professional artists all over the world swear by this brand.

kuro sumi tattoo ink outlining 12

Another cool thing is that this brand is now made in the USA.  Previously it was made in Japan.  I believe that in both countries, its stringent production standards will be upheld, its just that when it was produced in Japan it was a pain to import.  As a distributor, we were subject to constant back orders which made keeping track of inventory levels nearly impossible.  This in turn made it difficult for our customers to order.  Now that it is made in North America, ordering is a breeze.

kuro sumi genuine

We are an authorized distributor of this brand.  We are listed on their distributors page, find us on the Canada section.  We ship to the USA, Canada and all over the world.  Be careful of cheap knockoffs found on Ebay and other websites.  This brand is one of the most copied ones out there due to its popularity.

If you haven’t tried Kuro Sumi ink yet, we strongly urge you to do so.  Many artists tried it and have used it ever since.  Ink is by far one of the most important things that will affect your work and having a good brand to use that has a long history of safety, reliability and quality is a good find indeed.