We got a sneak peak… oh who are we kidding, we creeped Kat Von D’s facebook page to checkout what she is up to and checked out her new tattoo machine made by Norm from Will Rise Tattoo of Los Angeles California.  I like the sleek all black look, reminiscent of a stealth jet.  From the picture I would guess it is a cast iron frame, soldered, sanded and polished before it was powder coated.  The frame looks exceptionally thin for a cast iron frame so if it is, I would guess it was either casted from a very good mold or there was a lot of sanding off of the material before the final finish.  I reckon this is a very light weight machine.

Kat Von D New Tattoo Machine

For those who have not heard of Norm, he has been an evolving artist for over a decade.  His origins are from the streets, which lay the foundation of his art.  He gradually moved on from graffiti art to painting, tattooing and eventually, machine building.

Norm Will Rise Tattoo

He is best known for painting beautiful women, miniature constructs of ghetto city scenes and other progressive works.  He owns and operates WILL RISE TATTOO located in Los Angeles, California, a hot spot in LA with a whole team of very talented tattoo artists.

Well Norm, if you ever want someone to distribute your machines in the Pacific North West, let me know!