A shout out to Jay Nelson to say thanks and hopefully encourage him to share some more pics of tattoos he’s done.  Jay is a tattoo artist at Ink’d Revolution located at 405 9th St. in Huntington, West Virginia.  Not only is this man a good tattoo artist, he has also served his country by being in the Army.  Below are pics of some of the tattoos he’s done using a Hildbrandt .38 Calibre and .44 Magnum.
Old School Tattoo Rose

A well done American Classic old school rose.

Cup Cake Tattoo

Hey, sometimes people like cupcakes so much they get it tattoo’d on themselves.

Tattoo Flower 3

Excellent bold lines and black and gray shading make this flower’s eye look lifelike.

Butterfly Tattoo

An intricately well designed butterfly with a key as body.
A man of not many words about himself we had to creep his Facebook to find out he was in the military, I hope we didn’t pry buddy!  Thank you for sharing some of your work with us Jay Nelson and also, thank you for the service you have done for your country!  Hit us up during the summer!