purklenz tattoo cleanser antiseptic

We are proud to unveil a new line of antiseptic skin cleansing products: Purklenz and Purtect.  The developers of this line has worked closely with artists, piercers and body modification practitioners to come up with this ultimate proprietary formulation.  Purklenz is designed as a topical antiseptic skin cleanser that will prepare the skin for tattooing and piercing.  This advanced formula is made in Canada.  It is Paraben-free and fragrance-free.  It lubricates and moisturizes while at the same time kills odour causing bacteria.  It removes all dirt, grease and oil.  This product contains Chloroxylenol, an anti-microbial compound used to kill bacteria and fungi while at the same time being environmentally friendly.

Purtect Tattoo Aftercare Ointment 4oz

Purklenz comes in a 900ml/30 oz bottle that comes complete with a pump to further help with limiting cross contamination.  The solution does not need to be diluted and is ready for use right out of the bottle.  Purtect is a antiseptic cleansing lotion that is designed for tattoo aftercare.  It comes in two sizes, a 4oz and a 0.67oz.  These are great aftercare products that will help the clients tattoo to heal faster and with less possibility of infection.  The 0.67 oz tubes are also available in a box of 10.