We are proud to announce that we now carry the entire line of Intenze Tattoo Ink!  Intenze, owned by world famous legendary artist Mario Barth, is one of the largest tattoo ink companies in the world!

intenze tattoo inkThis stuff is used by famous artists like Mike DeMasi, Boris from Hungary, Bob Tyrrell, Andy Engel, Alex De Pase, Dmitry Samohin, Kamil, Moni Marino, Murran Billi, Randy, Engelhard, Neddy Negrete, London Reese, George Mavridis and many other world class tattoo artists!  Known for their ingenuity in the industry, Intenze has developed new innovative series of inks that work together for specific purposes.  Some examples include the Bob Tyrrell black and grey series, ideal for portraits, contrasts and detail and the Dragon Series designed for doing asian/japanese and chinese dragons.