We get calls and emails about our Inkstar tattoo kits all the time so we decided to make a short video that shows what to expect when unboxing. This video is done with the Inkstar Ace Tattoo Kit with Radiant Colors ink set. Please note that not all of our kits come with exactly the same components and gear, so if yours didn’t come with everything in this video, check the product check list before calling us with a mouthful of angry!

Also, we cannot stress enough that this kit and any other kind of tattoo equipment is not a toy! This setup was designed for people interested in learning how to tattoo. If you do not have any experience doing tattoos, do not buy this and start going to town on yourself and your friends! The equipment in this setup can do a permanent tattoo, so you better make sure you are ready to permanently tattoo someone, before you attempt to. Otherwise, please stick to practice skin, pig skin and thick skinned fruit!