tattoo kitOur Hildbrandt Tattoo Kit during the last two weeks of February were under extremely low stock. To slow down the sales during that period we increased the price from $199.99 to $219.99 and later to $239.99. We restocked with a small replacement quantity of these kits in early March. As a result, we decreased the price from $239.99 to $219.99. During this time we offered a rebate of $20 to all customers that purchased at the $239.99 price, this offer was available until March 5th. We intend to maintain the price of $219.99 for the Hildbrandt Professional kit for the duration of our low stock time period, if sales do not slow down, we will likely keep this price. When we do restock on these kits in early April, we will assess the rate of sale. We apologize for the inconvenience to our customers, our production is slower for Hildbrandt machines because we want to maintain our level of quality. For a partially mass made and hand made machine, the equipment, while capable of producing excellent finish and plating, is outdated and not efficient. Hildbrandt Tattoo will be investing in a new plating/coating machinery by the end of this year and this will speed up production by a lot.