We are excited to present the brand new Thermal Express tattoo stencil printer and copier. The Thermal Express copies tattoo designs from paper and prints them onto stencil paper. You can then use the transfer from the stencil paper to transfer the design onto skin. The possibilities for design are endless for this machine!

tattoo stencil copier for blog

Create Tattoo Designs from any Image, Copy and Print it!

Thats right! You can create a tattoo design from just about any image, copy it and print it with the Thermal Express. You can use a photo editing program like Photoshop to take any image, convert it to a flash outline and use the outline as the original for this stencil copier to copy. The possbilities are endless, scan the image from a magazine, scan an old picture from your picture collection or download an image off the internet. We explaine how to convert an image into a tattoo outline in our blog in our recent post How to Create a Tattoo Stencil Flash Design with any Picture Using Photoshop

This Stencil Printer and Copier has Multiple Functions!

This stencil printer and copier has multiple modes of copy and functions. There is a button for mirror, when it is switched on, you will get a mirror image copy of the original, when switched off, it will copy direct. There are 2 deepness functions, one is lighter and one is darker. It has 2 resolution modes, “photo” and “normal”, when photo is switched on, it will print with finer detail. The stop button will abort the printing process in the event of a paper jam. Throughout testing, we did not experience any paper jams, it is likely that this will only happen if the paper is fed very off center.

Something a Tattoo Studio or Shop should not be without!

A tattoo stencil copier and printer is something a tattoo studio or shop should not be without. The time saving aspect of not having to free hand copy your clients design gives you that much more time to be doing tattoos. Also, the copy the Thermal Express is an exact copy of the design so there is no chance of a client being unhappy with a design that doesn’t look like what they wanted (at least the transfer we mean, the tattooing is up to you buddy).