This was an interesting story in the email today from Brian aka J3.  Turns out one of our old .38 Calibre Hildbrandt machines were kicking around a pawn shop in his neck of the woods and found a home among his collection.  Munsters Tattoo Sleeve 3

The Horror Sleeve by J3

We are always pleased to see our machines in the hands of fine artists and J3’s work definitely speaks for itself.  J3 wrote:

“I’ve been tattooing for around 16 years or so and I’ve used so many different machines and have owned more then I can count. I recently came across your .38 calibre machine in a pawn shop n the price was to low not to buy it. I took it to work that day and threw it right into rotation. I am so pleased with it I’d like to check out some of your other machines. Please feel free to check me out on Facebook under justthree tatau or tattoosnart by j3. I’ve also attached some photos from the tattoo I tried it out on. It was a horror sleeve that I did in 2 days, 8 hours each day n I used your machine right from the beginning.”

Thai Warrior Tattoo 2

When y’all have the time be sure to check out his other work at his facebook page: