This post is a dedication to Neil Burgos of Foedasuja Ink in the Philippines.  Dude, I am not even sure if that is your real name but when I saw your work on your facebook page, I was like holy crap you got some crazy talent going on there.  Let me tell our readers how I stumbled upon Neil Burgos, I was skimming through our facebook pictures that other people have posted and I came upon this guy with a pic of himself tattooing someone using one of our Hildbrandt tattoo machines.  Didn’t think anything of it at first, we get a lot of various pics on our facebook page all the time and I just skim through them to see which ones I should post up on our blog and stuff.  So I decided to click on Neil Burgo’s Facebook page and check out some of his work, I was like “wow, this guy got talent”.  Check some of this shit out!

Blue Lotus TattooA beautiful tattoo of a blue lotus in mid flower, looks practically alive!

Avatar Tattoo

A tattoo of the popular Neytiri from the Movie, Avatar.  I think this tattoo was a part of some competition held in Philippines.

Black Scorpion Tatoo

A mean and dangerous looking scorpion tattoo.

hulk tattoo

One of my favourites from Neil, he captured the essence of the hulk so well, it looks like he is ready to burst out of the skin.

Goblin Tattoo

A freakishly alive looking tattoo of a… Goblin?

ninja turtle tattoo

Another one of my favorites, simply because I used to love watching the Ninja Turtles.  I wasn’t much of a fan of Raphael though, Leonardo was the coolest IMHO.  Can  you guys see what I see?  That is a Hildbrandt .444 Magnum tattoo machine he’s using there 🙂 This is the winning piece he did for a tattoo contest in the Philippines.

Starcraft Medic Tattoo

Starcraft Medic Tattoo, dude, at one point all the founding members of Hildbrandt played that game!

Yoda Tattoo

A tattoo of Master Yoda, beautifully done Neil!

tattoo workstation setup

Nice neat and organized, I see the Hildbrandt .444 Marlin, Stigma Bizarre and another machine I cannot quite put my finger on.

NB Neil Burgos Tattoo

This is the picture we originally found of him holding a Hildbrandt .444 Magnum tattoo machine.

I am proud and honored that you are using our Hildbrandt machines in your everyday setup and to win contests!  We see a tonne of work on a daily basis and yours is by far among the best we’ve seen, keep up the great work!