Counterfeit Hildbrandt Machines: There are suppliers selling fake Hildbrandt machines. You can identify them by their thinner frames and lack of a model designation on the frame base. Only Hildbrandt machines come with a codified production series number. If you think you may have purchased a counterfeit Hildbrandt, email us with the productions series number and we’ll be able to tell you if its real or not. All Hildbrandt machines 2007 and after have their frames etched with the Hildbrandt brandname on the face side of the frame and the model name etched on the base of the frame. All Hildbrandt machines 2007 and after come with codified warranty certificates. All pre 2007 Hildbrandt machines will only have the Hildbrandt brandname etched on the face side of the frame. There are about 400 Hildbrandt machines that were sold in 2005 that don’t have any markings at all. All 2013 and current Hildbrandt machines utilize a 22uf capacitor and either a 50WV or 63WV, this will be printed on the side of the capacitor. If you think you have a fake Hildbrandt machine, please note where you purchased this machine and contact us at