Comments: “These were lined with my .38 Calibre and shaded with the .223 Remy. I have several other machines, all purchased then customized by me..sometimes I would just re-wrap the coils, I do add an 1/8” mono plug to my machines (I prefer these to clipcords). However, when I got my Hildbrandts I dug out one of my clipcords and sat down to start the tedious task of tuning. I made sure I had some good music on and laid out my tools, I was getting ready for the long haul. I’ve had machines that had taken me more than an hour to just get them to where I liked what I was hearing.

In 15 MINUTES I had both machines purring, with almost no vibration through my wrist and the machine wouldn’t get hot. I tried everything I could think of, including cranking the voltage up…even when they were jackhammering away the vibration was still very minimal. They’re also well balanced, I can “comfortably” get these machines into spots that would wear my wrist out in no time.

Its really nice, for not only me but my clients, when we don’t have to take a break due to me..With these machines, the weight, balance, vibration and heat, I am able to work only stopping when the client needs to. “