Comments: “The first tattoo is a cross with wings with the names of 6 Soldiers that died that were in my company in which two of them were my Soldiers. I did this memorial tattoo for one of the Soldiers that was there with them. The virgen tattoo is the start of a sleeve whick is to remember his two children and wife which died in a car accident when he was deployed in iraq in 2006. The next is a pinup of a picture of Kat Von D. The last tattoo is a portrait of my wife which came out very well on my upper left thigh (i love it) and will add more later. These machines are very well built and balanced are easy to manuever with into hard places to reach with little or no wrist or hand fatigue. I definately recommend these machines for everyday work. I know upon redeployment i will be getting me another set so as to start my own collection of Hilbrandt Tattoo Machines. Check my stuff out on and i hopefully will be starting up my shop when i return to the states in Kentucky which is my next duty assignment so as to get my name out there in the tattoo community. Thanks again for the great machines, later.”