thing tattooI saw this crazy thing tattoo on the fashionably Geek blog and was like wow that is so cool! I first saw the bionic/flesh tattoo styles from Bradley White. I remember he did a robot popping out under flesh tat which was really cool. I think this “The Thing” tattoo definetely takes the top in terms of looking realistic though. I would love to see this one in real life if I had the chance. This was inked by Jason Pederson.

Speaking of realistic tattoos, I think artists are taking it to a new level nowadays. We are beyond the old skulls, devils, japanese art, chinese characters kinda thing of the past. Tattoos, just like society are getting more and more sophisticated. That is why I think tats are becoming so popular now, they are growing with the mainstream of society. Look at how many hollywood stars have tats and how people aspire to get similar looking ones.