Hildbrandt has been a tattoo supplier since 2006. We have gone from an equipment making company to a full service tattoo supplies house. From our humble beginnings, we have learned that it is good customers and good customer service that make this business. We are dedicated to making long term friends in the industry and will stand by our commitments to our customers.

Behind the Brand: About the Hildbrandt Founders

Hildbrandt Tattoo Equipment was created by two brothers, David & Mark Hildbrandt.  David apprenticed under Malcolm Eltry of the now defunct 64th Street Tattoos & Piercing.  Mark Hildbrandt on the other hand was a goldsmith with no background in tattooing.  Mark kept a workshop in his garage and David used to borrow his goldsmith tools to re-finish and modify his tattoo machines.  Mark’s knowledge of metallurgy techniques contributed to David’s work on his tattoo machines, making them run exceptionally well.  What started as a garage business selling to friends turned into a mildly successful internet business.  In 2006, the Hildbrandt brothers decided to partner up with David’s college friend, Newton Li, to market the Hildbrandt name.  Today, more than 10,000 artists worldwide use Hildbrandt tattoo machines.

Interesting facts:

1. Like most people with the last name Hildebrandt, David and Mark’s surname was also spelled with the “e” between Hild and brandt.  When their grandparents immigrated, immigrations accidentally spelled their surname as Hildbrandt and that is how it stayed.

2. Although David and Mark like to claim they are related to Martin Hildebrandt, they have not been successful in tracing their ancestry to him.

3. The girl on the picture of some of the Hildbrandt coil covers is Betty Spanks, a Canadian adult film star.

Valsturd Tattoo Supply

Valsturd Tattoo Supply was the original tattoo equipment brand that Investus Inc. was marketing.  These machines are imported and were not received well by the tattoo industry.  Newton approached David in 2006 to figure out why.  After David made some adjustments, the Valsturd machines were running great.  It was at this initial meeting that their partnership was formed.  David and Mark with their expertise, Newton with his ability to market.  Valsturd is now the lower line of Hildbrandt, the machines are imported but their quality control is better than similar imports due to the Hildbrandt brother’s expertise.

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