Ronnie From Jersey Shore
So I was watching the tele the other day while I was taking a break from a tattooing session and on came Ronnie sponsoring Xenadrine.  Xenadrine one of those weight loss pills that get shamelessly promoted on TV, usually with the clause that states something along the lines of “will work only if you change your diet and workout”.

Now I used to watch Jersey shore and thought it was pretty entertaining but seeing Ronnie on that commercial pretty much killed any last interest I had in that show.  I chuckled out loud and nearly squirted out my glass of coke when he stands there and says, “I’m Ronnie from Jersey Shore and I like to keep it real.”  Dude, this has gotta be the worst sellout gig you can get short of penis pills.

Lets define keeping it real: to stay to your roots, to represent where you come from.  How in the world do diet pills and what you were doing on Jersey Shore equal to anything remotely close to keeping it real.  Its like a tattooing scratcher saying he keeps it real by doing professional tattoos.  I do feel bad for the guy though, I am not great at reading faces but the look on Ronnie’s face was definitely not a happy face.  It did not convince me that he liked the product, it really convinced me he was there for the money haha.  Aside from the irony of the keeping it real statement, the other ironic thing is Xenadrine is using Ronnie for their diet pill commercial.  Last I checked, he certainly didn’t look thin in that commercial.