Stigma Rotary Tattoo Machines

Stigma Rotary

Stigma rotary tattoo machines are top of the line quality machines. Each piece is CNC machined from blocks of aircraft aluminium. The frames are then anodized and finished. These pieces of art are entirely made in Germany, a country known for their technological advances and fine engineering. These are the most technologically advanced rotaries available on the market. Each machine comes complete with a stamped serial number. We are an authorized dealer of Stigma Rotary machines in North America. Beware of imitators; only buy from an authorized distributor!

Stigma Origin

Stigma rotary the company originated in Germany. They take pride in the products they produce. Their brand is an international recognized brand of quality tattoo equipment. They are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of technologically advanced tattoo machines. Their products are meant to be used by professional artists only, no amateurs, please.

Stigma Rotary Hyper V2

The Stigma rotary Hyper V2 is a semi-rotary hybrid tattoo machine. The motor is placed upright to minimize vibration with swash plate technology. The Hyper V2 can be adjusted for softness using a adjustment screw that is placed on the top of the frame just above the needle. This unit is capable of multiple adjustments for coloring, shading, lining and color packing.

Stigma Hyper V3, Prodigy and the Beast Rotary Tattoo Machine

We stock the Hyper V3, Prodigy and the Beast rotary tattoo machine from Stigma. The company recently underwent a huge revamp of their product line. The Prodigy is one of their brand new designs that slightly resembles the Bizarre. This new streamlined machine is capable of a wide array of flexibility without sacrificing performance, it is capable of hitting a huge range of stroke length. The Beast is also a new design that features a zero give output and requires no rubber bands or grommets. The Hyper V3 is the longest standing model of these three that we stock. This model features the hard hitting swash drive motor system and has both RCA and clip cord connectors.

Stigma Rotary Tattoo Machine for Sale

We have all in stock Stigma rotary tattoo machine for sale on our website. We are an authorized retailer of this brands product. Check back often for specials regarding these units, we will occasionally offer special deals which will include extras together with your purchase of one of these units.

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