Sabre - Diablo Rotary Tattoo Machine

Sabre Rotary

Sabre is a highest quality rotary tattoo machine made in UK. Weighing only 125g, this machine allows for quick and complete control with the “One Touch” adjustable hit.  The Sabre X17 Rotary Tattoo Machine is the first to house fully antimicrobial technology. It features black anodized aircraft aluminum accents on a scratch-resistant BioCote® ABS constructed frame, which has been proven and guaranteed to protect from drug-resistant bacteria, such as MRSA, VRE, and CE (certificate provided below).
Not only is it the most hygienic, the Sabre X17 is also one of the most versatile
, capable, and user-friendly tattoo machines currently available on the market. It is designed to operate over a variable voltage range depending on personal preference and the work being done, which is why it’s great for use with lining, shading, and/or color packing. The Sabre X17 is powered by a 4.5W Swiss Maxon motor, has a 4.0mm stroke length, and features top quality Japanese bearings. It also features a “One Touch” adjustable hit with 10 indexed settings, making it easier than ever to find your favorite setting with a simple turn. The Sabre X17 also uses an improved piston that has been reengineered for a smoother and quieter operation at a lower voltage without stalling.

Diablo Rotary

The Diablo Rotary Tattoo Machine is a high end rotary machine with a not so expensive price tag.

The Diablo Rotary Tattoo Machine is a high end rotary machine with a not so expensive price tag. Designed to give the the best bang for the buck in a multi-adjustable and well made instrument. The Diablo and its other models offer a wide range of functionality and styles.

The Diablo Slide Rotary Tattoo Machine is designed to be a reliable workhorse that will power through anything you throw at it. Utilizing a Mabuchi 8000RPM motor with a respectable weight of 5.6oz. It is available in 3 different colors and stroke lengths. The needle clip eliminates the need for rubber bands. This instrument is capable of using standard needles and cartridges.

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