Diablo Slide Rotary Tattoo Machine

Diablo Slide Rotary Tattoo Machine, designed to be a reliable workhorse rotary. Features short, medium and long stroke.

The Diablo Slide Rotary Tattoo Machine is designed to be a reliable workhorse that will power through just about any kind of work. This instrument features a high output Mabuchi 8000RPM motor. It weighs a respectable 5.6oz which is slightly heavier than other rotary machines but still lighter than many of its coil counterparts. The Slide is available in 3 different colors and stroke lengths. The needle clip eliminates the need for rubber bands. This instrument is capable of using standard needles and cartridges.

Diablo Slide Colors and Stroke Lengths

The Diablo Slide is available in 3 colors. Each color frame represents a different stroke length. The gold frame is the short stroke. The black frame is the medium stroke. The gunmetal silver frame is the long stroke.

Tubes and Needle Clip

The Diablo is capable of using all standard size needles and even cartridges. The needle does not have to be secured using a rubber band because this machine features a built in needle clip which securely holds down the needle in place of one!

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