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Daniel Labonte Custom Tattoo Machines

Daniel Labonte custom tattoo machines, hand built, part by part by Daniel. Light weight, cast iron and small.

Daniel Labonte Custom Tattoo Machines. Made in Canada. These unique little tough guys are amazingly well crafted. The curvature and finish on them is almost as sexy as a womans curves. These pieces of art are extremely light weight at less than 9oz (300 grams) a machine. The coils are super compact but do not let their small size fool you, they pack quite a punch!

Daniel Labonte, Tattoo Machine Builder

Daniel Labonte hails from Quebec, Canada. He is a bit of legend in the tattoo industry in those parts. There are professional artists from all over the world that have seen and purchased his hand made machines. He also owns a tattoo supply company and is a professional artist.

More Customs to Come!

We will be working closely with Daniel and Patrick over at The Tattoo Department and already have contract orders for many more custom builds by Daniel Labonte. These will include many new fantastic designs of his wild creations, stay tuned!

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