TTS tattoo machines proudly presents this sleek looking piece aptly named The Check Mark, a magnificently crafted frame with a single coil. This machine will give just the right amount of punch for a fast liner or even for permanent makeup application.   This machine is setup as a liner with its unique single coil design.  It is light weight and will glide through outlines in a breeze.   Product code: MCM1


TTS Tattoo Machines

TTS tattoo machines are based in New York.  TTS stands for Technical Tattoo Supply, they are a long standing company in the industry that has consistently produced equipment for decades.  Our company started dealing with Technical in early 2008 and we have established a close business relationship with them over the years.  In addition to their equipment, they also produce the internationally known ink brand, Millenniumm Colorworks.

Tattoo Machines Sale

Be sure to check back with us as we always have special promotional tattoo machines sale where you may be able to sweep up a TTS or other famous brand for significant savings!  A consistent sale that we promote is our Facebook sales.  Whenever we reach another 100 Facebook Likes, we offer a 10% discount for the next 24 hours.  In addition, if you like us on Facebook, you can automatically get a 5% discount code usable regardless if there is a current sale.