The Hybrid TTS tattoo machine is a precision hand crafted workhorse.  The frame design offers excellent flexibility for a variety of setups.  A solid iron frame that is finished with a stained oil gloss.  The parts on The Hybrid are hand crafted with American threading.  The frame is created with a lost wax casting technique that allows for a high degree of precision.  This machine can be set up as a liner or shader and comes with 10-wrap coils. Product code: MTH1 [plulz_social_like width="350" send="false" font="arial" action="like" layout="standard" faces="false" ] info

Importance of Tuning Tattoo machines

Before you can using tattoo machines, you’ll need to tune it properly. It is common that machines will go out of tune every now and then, so it is important that you learn how to tune it properly. Different jobs will require different methods of tuning. For example for certain skin types, you may need to adjust your needle depth to a different depth. This is common when switching from areas of thicker skin to thinner skin. Also, everyone is born differently, with variations in their skin, as you gain experience, you will notice that certain ways of tuning tattoo machines applies to specific situations.

TTS Tattoo Machines

TTS tattoo machines are produced by Technical Tattoo Supply and have been a part of American culture for decades. These machines are known to be smooth running, hard hitting and reliable like a rock. In addition to making great gear, Technical also produces inks and needles. There are many professional artists out there that use TTS machines.