TTS tattoo machines presents the Iron Popeye, a precision crafted piece in oil treated iron black. The frame design is in the shape of an anchor, a reference to the famous cartoon character it is named after. This machine can be setup as a liner or shader. The frame consists of two piece of iron that has been welded together to form a perfect 90 degree angle. Product code: MPOP1


About the TTS Tattoo Machine Series

The TTS tattoo machines series are well designed and reliable pieces that are a superb addition to any tattooists collection. These pieces come from a long standing USA owned and operated company for decades. Technical has been a major player in the industry on the east coast for a long time. If you go to any national tattoo conventions in the United States, you will find a Technical booth situated there alongside many other great names.

For Sale Tattoo Machines

We regularly have for sale tattoo machines that we put on special pricing. One consistent way of getting discounts from our company is by checking our Facebook page! Every time we hit 100 likes, we offer a 10% discount code for the next 24 hour period. During this time, our tattoo machines are for sale at 10% off their regular pricing! We have an incredible selection of many varying price points that include the entry level $10 to $20 a piece or very professional $600 Stigma Rotaries! Make sure you take advantage of our Facebook discount the next time you are interested in a TTS machine so you can get it at 10% off!