Tattoo shop armrest, great for tattoo shops and convention work. Ergonomic and small frame that will work with any kind of work spots. Arm board is made with synthetic leather that is easily cleaned with mild cleaning formulas. Stylish black metal base that is coated with durable paint. Good support with well made rubber feet. Features multiple tilt adjustments using the arm board tilt. 6 month warranty is included with purchase. Clean with basic cleaning solutions like part mixtures of green soap or Dettol. Product code: ARMR


Tattoo Armrest Uses

Basic tattoo armrest uses includes the resting of the arms during a tattoo procedure. The lowest height adjustment allows it to be used as a foot rest as well. You can adjust the height using the knob at the base. Base knob will loosen to allow you to adjust the height to many varying heights. The tilt is adjustable via the board tilt found under the arm board. The synthetic leather of the arm board can withstand most cleaning formulas. Green soap is the best cleaning formula for this application.

Easily Assembled

This armrest is easily assembled with little to no technical know how. If you can assemble Ikea furniture, you will have no problems putting together this unit. This armrest comes in 3 parts. The first part is the arm board, second part is the adjustment bar and the third part is the base. Screw the arm board tight together with the adjustment bar via the hole under the board. The adjustment bar slides easily into the base. You can adjust the height via the base knob. Adjustment of the tilt of the board is via the adjustment knob found below the arm board.