The Valsturd Bulldog shader is a reliable tattoo machine that takes its design from the popular Bulldog frame design. This is a great frame design that allows for flexibility in customization as well as variable settings. This Valsturd Bulldog is setup as an 8 wrap shader. Valsturd has been around since 2006, developed as a brand with reliable entry level tattoo machines at economical prices that handle professional work just as well as they are excel as training gear. Although this brand is budget priced, the quality control is top-notch. Product code: VBTMS


Valsturd Tattoo Machines

Valsturd tattoo machines are our entry level equipment that offers good quality and good pricing. Some of these pieces sell for $14.99! We can offer such low pricing on the Valsturd brand because the equipment is imported direct from manufactures. The quality control is performed by the Hildbrandt staff and the quality check is stringent. We have an agreement with the manufacturer, if any product does not pass inspection, we send it back.

A Great Place to Buy Tattoo Machine

Hildbrandt tattoo is a great place to buy tattoo machine. We have been in the industry for a decade. We are proud that our gear and equipment has served so many talented artists and shops over the years. Our focus is on quality and value, two difficult things to put together in this business. However, when you look at the huge amount of artists out there that use our tattoo machines to ink their customers, its safe to say, we have delivered and will continue to do so.