Vamp Shader tattoo machine, custom designed and hand built by internationally famous tattoo artist, Brandyn Feldman.  These beautifully built pieces are created in Brandyn’s workshop.  The Feldman line of quality made tattoo products include custom built machines, vegan friendly ink and amazingly awesome stencil primer “Slime”, aptly called Stencil Slime.

The Vamp features a customized V frame design in matte black. Cast and welded iron frame. Custom setup by Brandyn himself as a professional shader. The most unique trait of his machines are the tube vise, they fit so damn well! On the phone, when he was discussing the important aspects of a professional machine, he could not stress how important it was how the tubes fit, now we see he wasn’t kidding. Also, true to being custom, check out all the pre-drilled holes for different setup variations.

The V60 machine is a classy model that will appeal to you based on looks alone. Gradient shades and smooth composition make this machine an efficient, clean tool that will deliver day in, day out. Built by a tattooer with the tattooer in mind, Brandyn Feldman has designed this machine to run smooth and fast. The option of shader or liner adds versatility and a beautiful set when paired together.

Product Code: FEVAICS