Revolutin Rotary Shader tattoo machine, custom designed and hand built by internationally famous tattoo artist, Brandyn Feldman. These beautifully built pieces are created in Brandyn’s workshop. The Feldman line of quality made tattoo products include custom built machines, vegan friendly ink and amazingly awesome stencil primer “Slime”, aptly called Stencil Slime.

Revolution is made with Aircraft Aluminum CNC with a highly durable ceramic green powdered coated finish. It features all American made screws with a trillium Copper Contact Screw. For rapid performance, Brandyn used a custom precision Swiss motor made to his special specifications (ball bearing driven). This beauty can run at as low as 4.5V.

Machine Features:

  • All High quality 360 brass Hardware (Polished)
  • Trillium Copper Contact Screw
  • Larger wing nut for extra clamping force
  • Precision blue spring steel ( springs )
  • All American made screws
  • 3.5mm cam stroke
  • Custom precision swiss motor made to our specifications (ball bearing driven)

Machine Running Recommendations:

  • Needle size : 5-7-9-11- 14’s and larger
  • Black and Gray or pack color in silence
  • Volts : 4.5 – 8
  • Speed: Med / Fast ( Punchy with top end sweet spot )
  • Great for single pass bold lines as well as smaller lines
  • Life Time warranty on frame and Motor
  • Tested and Tuned with Needle and ran for 3 hours

Exclusively made and designed by a tattooer with the tattooer in mind, Brandyn Feldman safeguards his machines not only with the simplicity and functionality of all American made parts, he also backs his work with a Feldman Lifetime Guarantee.

Product Code: FERMREV