Tattoo machine by Pittsburgh Irons, the Mud Flap Girl.  A classic trucker design in amazingly high detail finish.  Pittsburgh Irons are professional machines that are reliable, relentless and run extremely well.  Please note that the tube grip and needle are displayed for artistic representation and do not come with this product. Frame consists of 2 pieces welded together and sanded flush before final finish and polish. Capable of being tuned for lining or shading work. Machine has an adjustable top binding post hole milled wide that will allow for variations in the positions for the contact screw. Product Code: PIMFG.[plulz_social_like] Info

Tattoo machine needles

Tattoo machine needles are generally standard size. Pre-finished needles are called on-bar needles. This differentiation is losing touch nowadays because most artists do not make their own needles anymore. Single use pre-sterilized needles are the standard now in the industry. It is advisable to use needles only once rather than autoclave them because of two reason, needles are inexpensive and an autoclave may not be able to get all of the organic debree off of the used needle. Needles come in all sorts of groupings. What an artist chooses to use depends on the work required. Large needle groupings are used to cover large areas quickly. So if you had to cover a large back piece with one main color or shade, you would use a large needle grouping. If you are doing a piece that requires a lot of small detail, you would use a small needle grouping.

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