The Great King Kong, utilizes the tallest tattoo machine coils ever on a liner.  Measuring at a King Kong sized height of 1 3/8″, these coils deliver a lot of punch.  Capable of running 4 volts to 8 volts easily depending on your needs.  This piece is custom designed and hand built by internationally famous tattoo artist, Brandyn Feldman.  These beautifully built pieces are created in Brandyn’s workshop.  The Feldman line of quality made tattoo products include custom built machines, vegan friendly ink and amazingly awesome stencil primer “Slime”, aptly called Stencil Slime.

The King Kong is based on the Jensen frame and features all steel construction, pre fab 3-piece tig welded frame and an easy to use tube vice.  All pieces are precision made in the USA from low carbon alloy, so the machine won’t hang on to any residual magnetism. It carries a T top style construction. To round out the performance we’ve added a mil spec capacitor, trillium copper contact screw and a 4-volt power band that will carry you from 4 volts to 8 volts easily depending on your needs. High grade German spring steel responds beautifully to the extreme power that our coils produce.

Product Code: FEKING