This tattoo chair will make an excellent addition for any tattoo studio. Granted, its not quite a chair, its more a stool. This stool is a decent size that will work with small or limited work areas. Made with synthetic leather that will not discolor with mild cleansing solutions. Wheels glide effortlessly allowing for fluid movement across floor. Adjustable height via the height adjustment switch found under the seat. Comes with a 6 month warranty. Clean with green soap or other similar cleaning solution. A proper cleaning solution of 1 part green soap and 10 parts water will be sufficient for workstation preparation. Product code: CH1


Tattoo Chair Usage

Basic tattoo chair usage includes of course sitting on during a tattoo. Will serve as a foot rest as well. Adjust the height using the height control switch found underneath the seat. The synthetic leather of the seat will withstand mild cleaning solutions. Green soap mixed with water is best for cleaning tattoo furniture.

Tattoo Chair Assembles Easily

This tattoo chair assembles easily with little to no technical knowledge. If you know how to assemble Ikea furniture, you will have no problems putting together this chair. The unit comes in 3 parts. The 1st part is the seat, second part is the adjustment bar and the third part is the rolling base. The seat has a hole that screws into the adjustment bar. The adjustment bar slides into the center of the rolling base. Tighten and adjust the height via the height control switch.