Talens Drawing Indian Ink is a unique ink used in the tattoo industry. It is the darkest black ink Talen carries and it is great for outlining work as well as black tribal tattoos.  This stuff is unique in that it is not actually designed for use for the industry.  Talens is a well known brand of paint, art ink, pigments and other related supplies.  Some time ago, artists experimenting with different mediums discovered Talens Drawing ink is a kickass black.  Great artists that use Talens include Jun Cha, Guy Aitchinson, Hernandez and Jose Lopez. Comes in 490ml bottle (16.7 oz). Product code is TALDIND.

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Awesome Black Tattoo Ink

Talens, while not designed for it, makes an awesome black tattoo ink. This stuff is blacker than a black hole. Professional artists use it mostly to do tribals where it excels due to its extremely dark tint. This stuff can be mixed and diluted, or added to other inks to provide darker tints. Always do so in a sterile environment and make sure the equipment you use to mix is also sterile.

Safety Precautions with Talens

It is wise to observe certain safety precautions when using Talens as tattoo ink. Since this stuff was not designed for tattooing, it is best to take certain things into consideration. Some artists find that there are some people that cannot take Talens in the skin, which manifests in mild reactions. A wise method of safety is to use a little on a spot that is non-noticeable on the skin and wait till the spot heals. Worst comes to worse, the client will have a new mini mole. If there is no reaction, you are good to go for a full on tattoo.