Ghost Transfer Paper by Hildbrandt are high quality transfer papers designed for the tattoo industry.  Made with high exceptional carbon dye that impresses incredible transfers that retain most of the detail of the original.  Consisting of 4 layers: white master sheet to which the design is to be applied, a translucent protective sheet to protect the master sheet from the carbon dye, a navy blue/purple dye carbon page and finally a yellow backing sheet.  Great for transferring all kinds of fantastic designs like.. a goat driving a car!  A cat smoking a cigar!  A mouse boxing a hamster!  The possibilities are endless!

  • 4 LAYERS – Ghost Stencil 8.5″ x 11″ Transfer Paper is 4 ply: Layer 1 is the white master sheet to which the design is applied; Layer 2 is the semi-transparent protective tissue to be removed before use; Layer 3 is the navy blue carbon page; Layer 4 yellow backing sheet.
  • HIGH QUALITY – Made with exceptional carbon dye that impresses incredible transfers that retain most of the detail of the original.
  • EXCELLENT TRANSFERS – Each transfer produces a crisp, clean copy of the original
  • FREEHAND – Capable of being used for free hand designs and transfers.
  • THERMAL PRINTING READY – Capable of being used for most thermal printers on the market that is used for the professional tattoo industry.

Tattoo Transfer Paper Uses

Tattoo transfer paper is used for your art work and for your copying of flash designs. Usually consists of a carbon copy, a paper copy, a backing and transfer sheet. Many types of transfer paper can be put through a stencil printing machine. Works well with Stencil Stuff to aid in transfer of design. Spray Stuff will help to keep the design on the skin. There are some stencil machines that can directly print onto the paper. You must be careful with the individual sheets because they are very thin and prone to wrinkling if handled roughly. Do not allow any moisture to get onto the paper as this will ruin it. Under normal conditions, this product will last for years until you have to use it. Drawing on this product is easy as it is the same as drawing on normal paper. Some artists have even described transfer paper as being more ideal for sketches than regular paper. Use a medium to thick pencil grade to draw. Smudging techniques will work well but not advisable since you will need a strong line to transfer onto skin.

Product code: TRANSF, TRANSF50, TRANSF100

8.5″ x 11″ sheets