Indulge in unrivaled comfort during cosmetic procedures with Secondary Numb, a water-based, fast-acting gel meticulously crafted to deliver consistent numbing while reducing swelling and blood. Free from animal byproducts, this formulation features a skin-friendly pH of 6.0, mirroring the skin’s natural pH to minimize reactions and ensure optimal comfort.

Unlike other numbing gels, Secondary Numb is carefully formulated to not interfere with ink settlement or the healing process of microblading or lip liner procedures. Post-application, it leaves your skin feeling natural, without any rubbery or tough sensations.

FDA Compliant and Health Canada Certified, Secondary Numb can be safely applied multiple times during procedures to maintain optimal numbing and reduce bleeding. Its no-fuss storage requirements allow for easy room temperature storage.

Enjoy rapid absorption and relief with our gel, which also possesses vasoconstriction properties. Watch our straightforward application video to witness the immediate action of our product, signaled by a tingling sensation, especially advantageous for lip liner procedures.

Produced in the USA with honest ingredients, Secondary Numb prioritizes safety and reliability. Join us in promoting ethical practices in the microblading community with Secondary Numb as your trusted ally.

Key Features:

  • What it does: Numbs and constricts blood vessels to reduce swelling and blood during procedures.
  • Uses: Ideal for Microblading and Lip Liner procedures.
  • Phenylephrine: A potent vasoconstrictor, equivalent to epinephrine but more stable.
  • Formulation: Developed by a physician specifically for microblading and PMU procedures.
  • Application: Apply to open skin on the second pass, hence the name Secondary Numb.
  • Why Secondary Numb?
    • FDA compliant, the only FDA compliant numbing gel on the market.
    • Cost-effective alternative.
    • Does not affect ink settlement.
    • pH 6.0 matches the skin’s pH, making it gentle on the skin.
    • Water-based formula.
    • Backed by a 100% money-back guarantee.

Active Ingredients: Lidocaine 5% (Numbing), Phenylephrine 0.25% (Vasoconstriction)


Step 1: Disinfect and Exfoliate those brows – With an alcohol swab scrub the brows vigorously to clear out dirt, and debris from the pores. The harder you scrub the faster more effective numbing you will receive

Step 2: Apply the first layer of Secondary Numb to completely cover the brows.

Step 3: Firmly but gently press down on the entire brow with your microblade to disrupt that first layer of skin and achieve rapid numbing.

Step 4: Apply a second layer of gel to fill in those micro holes and wait 3-10 minutes for numbing to take place.

Step 5: Begin Microblading

Step 6: Throughout the procedure, you may apply secondary numb to control pain, swelling, or bleeding

Step 7: Apply one more final layer of Secondary numb to take the perfect after-procedure photos.


STEP 1: Apply a thick layer of secondary numb to the lips

STEP 2: Wait 1-3 minutes for numbing (numbing is rapid on the lips due to moisture and thin skin)

STEP 3: Begin your procedure.

STEP 4: Apply more Secondary Numbing gel as needed to control swelling and pain.