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10 Watt MotorPlug

$218.99 USD


The Stigma Rotary 10 Watt Motor plug with super strong Swiss Made Maxon motor.  The 10 Watt comes standard with a RCA connector and clip cord connectors.

It can drive any needle or needle cartridge with ease, and because of the higher torque the needles penetrate the skin easier.

With the Stigma-Rotary® EasyPlug system, the MotorPlug can be attached or removed in a matter of seconds. You can even rotate the motor to find the perfect angle for your RCA / clipcord contacts. It can also be bagged to avoid cross contamination.

The same MotorPlug can power all your “AMEN”, “Beast” and “Prodigy” machine bodies, or you can use the same machine body and attach any combination of different powered (4.5 or 10 Watt) MotorPlugs with different stroke length excenters.

The MotorPlugs always come with a medium stroke excenter pre-installed. To use the 10W MotorPlug with an “AMEN” machine, you will just need to replace the stroke excenter with the new hex spinner (which is provided with all “AMEN” machines).

Additional excenters are also available when using with the “Beast” or “Prodigy”:

The all new adjustable stroke excenter from 2.5mm to 4.7mm (“Beast”) and 2.5mm to 6mm (“Prodigy”).
It comes with both RCA and clipcord connections as standard.

It can drive any needle or needle cartridge with ease so you don’t need to remove the stay up spring from the machine or increase the Volts to get it started, it can run for 24 hours and still stay cool, and because it is so powerful it does the job even more effortlessly and will last for longer.

Advantages of the 10 Watt MotorPlug: it is stronger with more torque, it lines effortlessly even with the largest needle groupings. It packs colour like no other.

Product Code: STG10W

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1 review for 10 Watt MotorPlug

  1. Ricky cheng

    I want to know stigma prodigy tattoo machine insid the white piston have to sell??

    thanks for your reply!!

    • newton

      Sorry we do not sell that part for the Stigma machines

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