Designed and manufactured by Papillon Tattoo Supply & Manufacturing in Enfield, Connecticut, the Papillon OG Colors Tattoo Ink Set is a testament to the passion and expertise of legendary tattoo artist Michael Nicholson, also known as Papillon. With decades of experience in the tattoo industry, Papillon dedicated his life to perfecting these pure, uncut pigment dispersion tattoo inks, which have become a top choice among professional artists worldwide.
Experience the vibrant and enduring colors based on the original Starbrite Colors, from the makers of Starbrite!
This exquisite set includes thirteen 2oz bottles of the most sought-after colors in the tattooing world. Each bottle is filled with the following shades:
Scarlet Red
Tribal Black
Canary Yellow
Lime Green
Brite Orange
Country Blue
Brite White
Golden Yellow
Deep Violet
Deep Magenta
Bubblegum Pink
Chocolate Brown
Deep Green
Every bottle is meticulously crafted to deliver pure, unadulterated color that is true to its pigment. These vibrant hues are perfect for creating striking and captivating tattoos that will leave a lasting impression.
Whether you’re a professional tattoo artist looking for the finest ink to elevate your artistry or an enthusiast wanting to adorn your body with a masterpiece, the Papillon OG Colors Tattoo Ink Set is the ultimate choice. Join the countless tattoo artists worldwide who rely on Papillon’s legacy to express their creativity and bring their visions to life.
Unlock a world of endless possibilities with Papillon OG Colors 13 Color Tattoo Ink Set in 2oz Size Bottles. Embrace the art, embrace the quality, and make a lasting impression with every stroke.