Defend brand blue nitrile gloves, a trusted brand name in medical supplies for the industry. Defend is a dental and medical supply company and its products are designed to meet the standards of these prestigious industries.  This brand is known for their excellent quality control and dedication to providing top of the line products using the best materials available.  Nitrile gloves are powder free and are necessary for those that are allergic to latex.  Product code NG200X, NG2003, NG2004, and NG2005.

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Defend Nitrile Gloves for Tattoo

They certainly cost more but what is the difference when you use Defend Nitrile Gloves for tattoo work? First of all, this company is an established brand in the dental and medical supplies industry. This means all of their products must adhere and be quality controlled up to the standards of that industry. These guys make products used by doctors, surgeons and dentists, so you can bet the same products will be of superior quality when used for tattoo work. As a matter of fact, this brand has become so popular in the tattoo industry that they have even branched out into supplying products specifically for our industry. We are an official distributor of their products, beware of imitators!