MOMs tattoo ink in Power White. This is a snow white pigment, not so sure about that name though, does anybody else see it? MOMs tattoo ink is made by the New York based Technical Tattoo Supply Company. They make these products into pure, uncut, homogenized pigment dispersion colors. The formula used to make this product is a time tested one that has delivered a consistent result on skin.  [plulz_social_like width="350" send="false" font="arial" action="like" layout="standard" faces="false" ] Read More

Our own Tattoo Ink Shop

Starting in 2013 we will have our very own tattoo ink shop located in Richmond, BC, Canada. All of the products we stock in that retail location will of course be stocked at our Point Roberts, Washington, USA location. The shop in Richmond however will be a fully stocked retail supply that will deliver quality products to our customers in the Greater Vancouver area. In addition to the tattoo ink, we will carry our kits, machines, needles, tubes, medical supplies and just about everything else we carry on our website. If you happen to be passing by, come on in and have a drink on us!

Dumb Fact of the Day: Some People think Tatto ink is Correct

That’s right, some people really do think tatto ink is correct and we get that on our search box at least several times a day! In addition to this variation, we get tattoo and tattooink a lot too. It makes us so nuts we have decided to actually include that in the read more section of several of our ink write ups.