Intenze Tattoo Ink Sets: 11 Primary Colors, 1oz

Intenze tattoo ink is and has proven over the years to be the brightest, highest-performing, and safest of tattoo inks in the world. Intenze combines hundreds of years of the tattooing tradition — from Europe and the Americas, Japan, China, Samoa, and many other cultures with a rich history in tattoo art — along with their own knowledge, experience and wisdom as artists into the soul and science of the brand.

This set comes with:

Snow White Opaque
Snow White Mixing
Golden Yellow
Hard Orange
Dark Red
True Magenta
Dark Purple
Mario’s Blue
Dark Green
Dark Brown
True Black

We are an authorized distributor of the Intenze brand.  All of our inks are guaranteed to be authentic or your money back.  Owned and operated by the world famous celebrity artist, Mario Barth, this brand has been a huge player in the professional industry for decades.  Their colors are known to be among the brightest healing in the tattooing world.  All colors now of this premium line are on sale!

Product Code: IZ1PKIT